Malta Towns and Villages

With such a rich history and culture, every town and village in Malta and Gozo has its own story to tell. Here is your opportunity to explore Maltese localities' points of interest, including an array of photos, 360 virtual tours and videos.

On these islands, even within the most modern housing estates may lurk prehistoric remains which were discovered while digging foundations. Most older localities have a rich heritage that goes through the ages, and many boast beautiful buildings from the era of the Romans, the Knights or the British eras. Old and new co-exist, with characteristic village cores giving way to more modern peripheries, and sixty-eight Local Councils ensure the constant up-keep and embellishment of their respective locality. Communities in Malta and Gozo developed around the establishment of a local Parish, which still today constitutes the centre of much of the village culture culminating in the local Maltese festa. Browse through the multimedia offered to have a virtual online experience, then visit these localities to truly experience the reality of Maltese village life!


Luqa Luqa, Southern Malta

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Hal Luqa is a densely populated town located in the south east of Malta. Until the dawn of the aviation era, Luqa was a very quiet village. With Malta being a British colony during that period, an...


Iklin Iklin, Central Malta

L-Iklin is a rather small, modern village situated on a hill-side in central Malta. Iklin is divided into the upper part and the lower part, with the upper part at the top of the hill leading to Naxxa


Siggiewi Siggiewi, Central Malta

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Għar Lapsi is perhaps one of the most unmissable features of Siggiewi, with its cave and natural sea-pool of crystal green and blue waters. You can also enjoy a walk along the cliffs and admire the is


Msida Msida, Central Malta

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Msida is a harbour town situated very near the capital Valletta on the northeast coast of Malta. As its Arabic-derived name implies, it knows its origins as a fishing village although today it is most


Floriana Floriana, Central Malta

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The town of Floriana is located just on the outskirts of the walled city of Valletta, with its own awe-inspiring fortifications extending to the famous Portes des Bombes (il-Bombi) guarding its entran


Attard Attard, Central Malta

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Attard used to be the smallest of the Three Villages - the cluster of Attard, Lija and Balzan at the centre of the island - but has grown to become the largest of them to almost a bustling town...

Zebbug Malta

Zebbug Malta Zebbug-Malta, Central Malta

Approach Zebbug from the direction of Valletta and allow yourself to be welcomed by the most striking architectural feature of the city, the de Rohan Arch.

Bormla - Cospicua

Bormla - Cospicua Bormla---Cospicua, The Three Cities

Bormla, or Cospicua, is one of the famed Three Cities along with Birgu (Vittoriosa) and Isla (Senglea). The three walled cities, known as the Cottonera, along with Valletta across the Grand Harbour, a


Zejtun Zejtun, Southern Malta

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Immediately as you enter Zejtun you will be welcomed by the impressive facade of Aedes Danielis palace. This is just the first of a series of treats to admire in this town.


Kirkop Kirkop, Southern Malta

Hal Kirkop is a small village in the south of Malta bordering Luqa, Mqabba, Safi and Zurrieq. Kirkop has an intriguing history. Research has shown remarkable traces of Phoenecian bloodline prevalent


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