Malta Night Clubs

It seems that with every passing year the nightclub scene in Malta just keeps getting better. Top DJs are attracted from all over the world to state of the art venues with ever more creative concepts, events and larger, wilder crowds.

Choose from some of the most beautiful open-air nightclubs anywhere in the Mediterranean or one of the many options dotting the streets of Paceville. Events, parties and concerts are organised all year round, usually with special promotions to attract the crowds.

Tattingers Club

Tattingers was the first superclub to open on Malta's shores. Having undergone a massive refurbishment in 2003, it led the way in the clubbing scene providing a venue with luxurious bars, a first clas

Fuego Salsa Bar

The name ‘Fuego’ is spot on for these unique Latin venues on the Maltese islands. There is something sultry and physical about Latin music and dancing that creates a matchless blazing atmosphere